Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 12 Rabi' al-Awwal 1440

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Insight is a monthly electronic magazine published by Egypt’s Dar al-Iftaa that is dedicated to refuting extremist ideology and to correcting the erroneous religious fallacies promulgated by terrorist groups

This issue discusses the concept of the Islamic Caliphate through reviewing its historical roots and development. The political and social milieu which led to the rise of this political theory will be discussed in detail as well. Download

Issue# 9

Our world today faces a wave of organized terrorism which targets to radicalize the youth in order to achieve its political agenda and to fulfill its personal obsession of power. Religion sometimes is accused of playing an essential role in the process of radicalization Download


The Islamic history is replete with examples of movements and trends whose members have rebelled against their state authority, declaring an Islamic caliphate and accusing their rulers of disbelief and heresy. The ideology of those groups is still extant — it has neither desisted nor died out. Ideas do not die out with the death of their advocators insofar as there are those who believe in and try to resurrect and implement them. Terror groups founded on notions that are inconsistent with the venerable Islamic law and the Prophetic guidance, is one such group. It announced the establishment of an Islamic caliphate and declared their allegiance to one of their own, not only as their leader, but as the caliph of all Muslims. The following is an exposition of the ruling for those sects in Islamic law.


Issue #7

There is a hadith, a popular saying attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, that upon returning from an early war in defense of their newly established community, he “told his companions they were coming back from waging jihad al-asghar, or the lesser war, to fight the jihad al-akbar, or the greater war Download

Issue #6

The Prophet Muhammad is a model for all observant Muslims. Muslims not only revere the personality of the Prophet, but they strive to emulate him in accordance with the Qur’anic description of him as a “beautiful example.” Muslims remember the Prophet as the Qur’an describes him: a “mercy to the world.” His compassion and magnanimity are immortalized in Islamic culture through both the high culture of poetic expression and the everyday stories parents tell their children.

This profound example of mercy is being deliberately tarnished and misquoted.

Issue #5

Terrorist groups who flagrantly use religion as a cloak to cover up for their acts of violent extremism fall into some serious ideological flaws which reveal their warped logic and ill-informed and unauthentic sources which they turn to in order to derive their legal justification for their crimes against Christian citizens .
In this issue of the ( Insight magazine ) refutations of the terror groups’ fallacies against Christian citizens are presented to expose their misuse and abuse of religious texts. Shining examples of Muslim Christian engagements are cited to illustrate the constructive encounters between the two communities .

Issue #4

In This Issue

Extremist terrorist groups that call for waging jihad against all non-Muslims without exception to pursue their agenda selectively cite decontextualized Quranic verses, thereby distorting the religion of Islam for Muslims, inciting the hatred of non-Muslims against both Islam and Muslims, and even fomenting war against the Islamic world.

While the exception and not the rule, armed jihad must be undertaken for an absolute necessity that must be measured by its true proportions. Armed jihad is only permissible in defense of freedom of religion and homeland as the Quran explicitly mentions.

Issue #3

Following is an in-depth, methodological, scholarly discussion of the foundational concepts of the Self Claimed IS and an attempt to measure them against the parameters of Islamic law, Islamic legal theory, and the approach of mujtahids (scholars who are qualified to make independent legal reasoning) and leading jurists. Download

Issue #2

There has been recent news of large number of women and children being mistreated in terrorists’ s camp. women are being forced to convert to Islam, marrying ISIS members, being brutally raped, kept in sexual slavery, and bought and sold in slave markets. While Isis has attributed those type of practices to Islam, Islam forbids all practices which debase women to the level of property and disregard their freedom. The Quran speaks to both male and female and highlights that both male and female are equal before God. Download

Issue #1

The world today is plagued by all kinds of atrocities ranging from bloody wars to horrendous terrorism. Some people would say that these terrorist acts must have roots in the Islamic faith since these people are claiming deep association. Download