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Teens having boy/girlfriend

I am a teenager and live in the U.S. Is it prohibited to have a girlfriend without engaging in any physical contact?


Islam respects personal freedoms as long as it does not exceed the boundaries of the Shari’ah. Muslim minorities living in non-Muslim countries are invited and encouraged by Islam to engage the community and expose themselves to other cultures; however, it must be within the limits of Islamic teachings and commandments.

It is the responsibility of parents and Islamic centers in non-Muslim countries to teach teens, in such critical age, the basis of the male-female relationship in Islam.

In Islam, the male-female relationship is based on chastity. It is allowed to communicate with the opposite sex if the manners prescribed by Islamic law (shari'ah) are observed and for legally allowed purposes such as study, work or social activities. If a relationship exceeds these restrictions, it becomes prohibited.

The Shari'ah [Islamic law] prescribes good manners and proper conduct when dealing with women as well as protecting and showing them respect and mercy. It also prohibits anything that leads to immorality or incites lust and temptation. These two rules form the principles governing relations between the sexes.

This does not mean that Islam prohibits pure feelings of love towards the opposite sex. Rather, a Muslim should refrain from any act or anything that leads to committing sins.

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